The Punta Verde Zoo Park in Lignano Sabbiadoro

It seems that in Lignano Sabbiadoro there is really a wide range of options for fun! These include the Punta Verde Zoo Park, which is certainly an ideal place for animal lovers because it offers a complete experience both in the field of education and in the field of conservation, i.e. to safeguard endangered species.


The Punta Verde Zoo Park in Lignano Sabbiadoro


Punta Verde Zoo Park is based on important assumptions:

Private financing: Punta Verde Zoo Park finances itself entirely through admission ticket revenues, without receiving public funds. This can influence the management and decision-making independence of the park.

Educational Mission: The park is committed to educating the public, both through targeted educational programmes aimed at the general public and through specific initiatives for schools of all levels. The aim is to promote a greater culture and sensitivity towards the animal world and the environment.

Conservation of Species: Punta Verde Zoo Park actively participates in conservation programmes both ex situ (within the park) and in situ (in the species’ places of origin). By involving visitors in awareness-raising and fund-raising campaigns, the park contributes to the preservation of endangered species and supports the sustainable development of local populations.

Scientific Research: The park collaborates with institutions such as universities, museums and scientific institutes to conduct research that contributes to the understanding and conservation of fauna.

Entertainment Experience: In addition to its educational and conservation objectives, the park offers an entertainment experience, creating a pleasant environment that encourages contact with nature and thus provides excitement for both young and old visitors.

Extent and Species: The Punta Verde Zoo Park covers a large area of 100,000 square metres along the two banks of the Tagliamento River. The Zoo is home to more than 1,000 animals belonging to about 200 different species of mammals, birds and reptiles.

Opening Hours: The park is open from March to November according to the hours indicated on the official site.


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The Punta Verde Zoo Park in Lignano Sabbiadoro