Excursions in Lignano Sabbiadoro


Excursions in Lignano Sabbiadoro


Lignano Sabbiadoro: many excursions with family and friends

The resort of Lignano Sabbiadoro, bathed by the calm waves of the Adriatic Sea, by the gentle waters of the lagoon of Lignano and Marano and crossed by the serene flow of the river Tagliamento, offers a unique and evocative landscape. This varied and breathtaking natural setting lends itself perfectly to be explored in a slow and respectful manner, especially by bicycle.

The lagoon cycle path becomes an unforgettable experience at sunset, when the warm rays of the sun paint golden hues on the water, creating a unique spectacle of natural beauty.

The waterfront cycle path, on the other hand, allows you to safely explore the 8 km of golden sandy beach of Lignano, offering a unique perspective of the sea directly from the saddle of your bicycle.


Sea excursions from Lignano Sabbiadoro

Exploring the nearby resorts of Bibione, Grado and Marano is made even more exciting thanks to the maritime connection services from Lignano Sabbiadoro available throughout the summer. For a unique adventure, take your bicycle and set sail with X RIVER, the bicycle-pedestrian ferry on the Tagliamento River connecting Lignano and Bibione. This service offers pedestrians and cyclists the possibility to cross the river in a short and safe way, offering an unforgettable panoramic experience.

From Lignano Sabbiadoro it is also possible to explore the historic centre of Marano Lagunare and its surrounding wonders, thanks to the service of sea connection between Marano and Lignano. This viable and sustainable option is an excellent alternative to private means of transport, integrating perfectly with the extra-urban services and the urban transport system of Lignano Sabbiadoro. The motor boat Rosa dei Venti is equipped with a bicycle rack, facilitating those who love cycling and come from the hinterland to reach the coast with ease.

For an evocative journey of about an hour and a half between the sea and the lagoon, take advantage of the connecting service between Lignano Sabbiadoro and Grado. This route offers a unique experience that combines the beauty of two of Friuli – Venezia Giulia’s main seaside resorts, making the journey not only practical but also enjoyable.


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